Software and purchasing

Software Purchasing/Installation Assistance

UC Davis offers discounts to many software packages. Please look at the UCD Software site for a list of available site licenses. Rarely are these "free" but many are heavily discounted. Of interest: Matlab, Mathematica, SPSS, Sophos Anti-Virus, etc.

Microsoft Office is available at no charge to all undergraduate and graduate students. You can install on up to 10 devices using the following link:

Also, most software has some sort of academic discount generally. Review the developer's site for details.

Finally, look for open source alternatives. For example, Sage, Maple, R (and RStudio) are Python-based packages that perform many of the same functions as Mathematica or Matlab.

Physics IT is always available to do software purchasing research, create quotes, etc.

Programming Assistance (For compile errors, etc.)

For custom code, we can provide assistance in tracking down compile errors, path issues, dependency and compatibility issues, etc. For assistance with larger programming projects, while we aren't a dedicated software development team, please still feel free to contact us and we can determine the best way to assist. For Web Apps and Web Design see the following link for details.

Web Design & Web Application Development

Purchasing Computer-Related Equipment or Software

While you can order from anywhere, you can drop by AggieBuy to see our primary vendors and their discounts. CDWG, Dell, Apple, etc. We get large discounts on Adobe and Microsoft products from SHI but you'll need to contact Physics IT or your purchasers for UCD pricing. We're also happy to configure quotes for you, look for options, and place orders in the PrePurchasing system once an account is provided.