Servers, Clusters, & Research Computing

Peloton: MPS Division Shared Cluster

Peloton is the new (as of 2016) computing cluster shared by the 5 departments in the Division of Math and Physical Sciences: Physics, Chemistry, Statistics, Mathematics, Earth and Planetary Sciences. While certain Physics faculty have bought a number of nodes for their own groups, the Physics department as a whole has a dedicated node for Physics affiliate use. Reminder that even this is a shared resource among the department: it may have 48 available cores, but if 4 people are each running jobs, you may only have access to 12 cores at a time. That being said, anytime the cluster isn't heavily used, you can specify a few hundred processors and it will use what is available, beyond what Physics has directly contributed. More info, including how to gain access, what its specifications are (storage, memory, processors, etc), and for general support:

MPS Computing Cluster

Research Computing Support

Physics IT can help out with pretty much all pieces of a project:

  1. Working with you to specify needs, components, and gathering quotes from vendors
  2. Assembling computing and file servers
  3. Installing the OS and specialized software
  4. Assist with compiling software or custom code, debugging, library issues, etc.

File and Storage Services

The department currently has a large file server, FS, with the following specifications:

  • 50 GB per user of file storage and nightly backup.
  • 100 GB per Cosmology user and nightly backup (Cosmology paid for an additional amount of space) plus about 20 TB of non-backed up scratch space.
  • Accessible via SFTP to Physauth
  • Accessible via NFS mount for systems that have been migrated to central authentication (contact IT)

Virtual Machines

Physics IT runs a robust virtual infrastructure based on Proxmox (see, hosted by Metro IT. Contact to discuss usage, requirements, service level agreement. Can also do P2V conversions (physical server to virtual server) if it makes sense to do so.

Campus Data Center also has virtualization services.