Wireless Networking

We strongly encourage anyone using a laptop to use the campus-provided wifi networks (as opposed to a wired ethernet connection). Eduroam and UCD-Guest are available throughout most of the building. See Campus Wireless in Physics for coverage maps.

eduroam: Campus wifi for people with UCD login IDs or others with eduroam logins. You can access this using (which may differ from your email address) and your campus passphrase. Eduroam using the same and campus passphrase is available at many universities around the world.
(Note: The part of the username tells eduroam where to check your credentials if you're located at another university, in another country etc. But it can cause confusion if your email address differers from your username/login ID, since your Eduroam login will then *look* like an email address but *isn't* one.)

ucd-guest: Campus wifi for guests. Can be implemented on the spot by connecting to this wifi network and opening a web browser.

Faculty Wifi Networks: Several faculty run their own wifi access points. Please contact your sponsoring faculty member for access to these networks.

Wired Networking

The Good: Almost every office has a Network Access Module (NAM or wall jack).

The Bad: Some NAMs only support 10 Mb/s traffic speeds.

What can you do if you have a slow network connection?

  • You can rely on the Campus Wireless in Physics. Campus Wifi is eduroam which you can access using your (which may differ from your email address). See the section at the top of the page for more info.
  • You can request to have the speed improved (a new NAM installed). Often there is a cost and we'll be contacting your PI, possibly, for justification and sometimes funding.

How can I access the wired network, regardless of the NAM quality?

NOTE: If using a laptop, we strongly encourage you to use Eduroam wireless if at all possible. If your computer can't access wifi or if you absolutely need access to the wired network:

Go to our Computer Registration and Cyber Safety Web App and click "Register a Computer". Part of computer registration process involves completing a CyberSafety Self-Assessment Survey form, and to comply with the most recent campus cyber security policy, we will need to install an inventory/cybersafety agent on your machine (Puppet on Linux, BigFix on Mac/Windows). Physics IT will be notified when you've completed the form and we'll get in contact with you to finalize the registration and install the inventory/security agent.

If you can't access or complete the above form, email IT at with your MAC address and system specifics (Make, model, operating system). We'll ask that you have PI approval (an email from him/her is fine) and to confirm your system is running an up-to-date and patched operating system per campus policy.

I have a NAM but no network cable or switch?

Email IT at with your name and room number and we'll come by to inspect the situation. We'll supply cables and switches (within reason). For larger configurations, we may ask your PI for funding.

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