Mobile Devices

We offer assistance in setting up email and connecting to other Physics resources on mobile devices, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Also, check the campus knowledgebase for configuring your smartphone with campus email.

Campus Email Knowledgebase

Here are few tips for keeping that device secure:

1. Protect the device with PIN or passcode of four or more digits or characters or the swipe code on Android. If there is a passcode in place, the device is encrypted. Without the passcode, the data cannot be read.

2. Set to automatically timeout and lock after at most 15 idle minutes

3. Set the device to wipe automatically after 10 failed login attempts

  • iPhone: the iPhone will warn you to slow down a bit once you have 5 failed attempts.

4. Set up tracking to locate lost device

5. Backup your data

6. Keep the device updated with current apps and Operating Systems

7. Contact if your device is lost or stolen or if you have any questions on how to implement the policies above.