Desktop Support

We strive to assist you with any issue that may arise on any server, desktop computer, or laptop within the department. For issues we are unable to solve in-house, we can point you in the right direction. Please make us your first stop for computer-related issues (rather than the admin office or the MSO).

Tasks we can help you accomplish:

  • Quoting, ordering, configuring new systems -- desktops, laptops, phones, servers
  • Installing and/or troubleshooting software, commodity or custom code
  • Hardware maintenance -- diagnostics, troubleshooting, parts replacement
  • Security -- assist with security issues, configuring firewalls, patching software, etc.
  • Assistance with email, wifi, etc.
  • Windows, MacOS, Linux
  • And well, pretty much anything, just ask

For FAQs and how-tos on common (and some not-so-common) Physics network-related issues:

Physics IT Knowledgebase

Note: While we often will take a whack at solving issues with personal systems, understand that computers owned by faculty groups and administration take priority.

To contact the Physics IT Team:

Office: 536 Physics

Computer Support:

Web Support:

Phone: (530) 752-4923