We’re upgrading our virtual environment and need to down a few servers each for a few minutes (long enough to cleanly shut down and start up again). I’ll list the servers after the downtime:

When: Monday, March 26th, 8 PM

What: Server migrations/reboots – 0-5 minute downtime

What will be affected: depends on the server but the Solid email server is included in this and will likely be down for 5 minutes.

Here is the list of servers:


131 solid.physics (DURIN’S BANE)

159 phys-icam

160 web1.physics (most physics related websites)

302 nmresonance.physics

303 canonvm.physics

304 irastro.physics

309 phugoid.physics

310 physauth.physics (allows 106 lab logins, Virgo logins, etc)

311 dynasty.physics (staff file server)

If you have any questions or need us to reschedule, let me know

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