UPDATED 10/10/2018 8:45 AM

October 8th 2018

3:20 PM

FS, department file server which houses home directories for the 106 computer lab and various other systems in the department, had its filesystem hang. NFS traffic in and out of the system stopped. We are rebooting and will diagnose the cause of the issue.

This affects all computers that use FS for their home directories including the 106 lab, and variuos other machines throughout the department.

5:00 PM

FS is still having issues. We will send out an email and update this page when it is resolved or with more information.

October 9th 2018

2:30 PM

The issues with FS continue but we're in the recovery process. It's taking a long time since there's a lot of data. We're prioritizing user home directories so the 106 lab and other computers that depend on them can get up and running again. But for as of right now the 106 lab and any other computer that uses FS for home directories will not be usable (won't be able to log in).

4:30 PM

Home directories are working again. You should be able to log into the room 106 lab computers as well as other machines that have their home directories mounted from FS. However the Cosmology group computers will still be unable to access the cosmology share (that data is still being copied, and it is approximately half of all the data on FS).

October 10th 2018

8:45 AM

All home directories and data should now be working again. You may need to reboot your computer if it is still unable to access your data. If you are still unable to login or encounter other issues please contact Physics IT.

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